3 Bookish Things Tag

I spotted this fun tag over on Thrice Read and you can check out Caitlynn’s  post out here. However the semi-original is from Cait at Paper Fury, here. I’ve noticed how some questions have changed or been lost when people have posted the tag, so hopefully the one’s I’ve answered are close to the original.

After posting this tag, the ever so lovely Matilda over at Matilda’s Library tagged me to complete this, so go and check out her post too, here. She’s a wonderful human being and deserves all the love on her posts.


Colleen Hoover – I stayed up all night read Too Late a year or two ago and since have been trying to pick up all her books. Only one has been a disappointment so far.

S. J. Maas – Specifically, ACOTAR. I’ve picked up the Throne of Glass Series since, and I’m working through it but its a little more confusing for me, a non avid fantasy reader.

Cecila Ahern – Years ago, I was really into her adult books as they always were contemporary with a twist. Then I read her debut YA book; Flawed, and loved that too and it just cemented her as an author I really enjoy.


Another book – this is most common for me when I’ve just started a book, so I’ve not picked out a bookmark yet, but often another book is nearby so I use that to bookmark, while I look for an actual bookmark…. It makes sense to me!

Receipts/Price Tags – they are always nearby okay. Sometimes when I buy a physical book they put the receipt in the book so its just there. If I read in my bedroom, theres a chance that I have ripped the tag off a new piece of clothing and left it on the chest of drawers, so that’s often to hand.

My Purse – It was just to hand!! That is the common theme here, if it is to hand, it is likely to be used as a bookmark. #sorrynotsorry


Game of Thrones – Sorry but the books are just going to be way too confusing for me. Even the show is a bit confusing!

iZombie – I loved watching this on Netflix, I am a bit behind now but it’s a great show. It’s also based on a graphic novel.

Orange is the New Black – I love love love this show, I wanted to take a day off work last year when the new season came out. But this year, I’ve only seen the first episode of the new season and it seems really odd and confusing and I don’t really know what to do with that.


Izzy from The Exact Opposite of Okay because she was so funny and took all the crap thrown her way in her stride.

Feyre from ACOTAR – shoot me okay, I think she develops throughout the series and she protects her sisters and provides for her family. She is a good egg okay, she deserves Rhysand.

Rhysand from ACOTAR – Imaginative, I know. Look, he’s just sweet and pure but also funny and sarcastic.


Paper Princess by Erin Watt – Not so fun story, I read the first book and before even finishing it I ordered the next two on Amazon Prime to be delivered the next day. They were sent out for delivery but never arrived, they rearranged for days later but still never showed up. Until amazon then lost the parcel and after at least a week arranged for replacements to be sent. I took to twitter at this time and posted some lovely things to amazon because I was desperate for these and they would not deliver them to me!

The Selection by Kiera Cass – This series was so fluffy and light and I could not put it down. I think most people found this addictive and I’ve heard it likened to junk food… you know it’s not great, but you can’t stop.

ACOTAR by S. J. Maas – I wanted to know what the hype was about and BOY, I get it. I binged this right at the end of last year and I was obsessed (and slightly confused by the politics, but that’s fine).


I don’t particularly care for Harry Potter – Now, before you all unfollow me, I just didn’t get into it as a kid, I’m sure I read a couple as my mum and brother were obsessed, but they didn’t make a big impact on me. I’ve seen the films and they’re okay, I recently read the first book but it took me such a long time to read and I just didn’t get into it… I’m sorry!

I’m not a huge fan of bookish candles – I’ve just never been fussed by them, I’d rather spend my money on more books. I recently picked up 4 at YALC, but this was purely because I’ve been on bookstagram for over a year and I thought they might help spice things up a bit!

I really don’t like hardbacks – Sure, they look kind of nice on a shelf, but they are so awkward. Like what is with dust jackets?? Why have a part of a book that is so flimsy and could just fall off or rip easily? They are heavy and a pain in the arse to read too. I’m just not about it, sorry.


Do not dog ear books! – I’m just a priss with my books, I don’t want to crack the spine, I don’t want to dog ear. I just want it to stay in pristine condition.

Physical books are better than ebooks – they just look pretty, and smell great and are just the best. I really like having a physical copy of a book, but I do succumb to the convenience of ebooks often.

I enjoy reading hyped books – I think we all hype up books and hear about the same books and it’s fun to be in on the conversation and to form my own opinion on them. However I will say that I often find they don’t live up to the hype for me because I expect a lot, but that’s fine, I just want to be included okay!


Lauren James has beautiful covers okay!!


Don’t leave so many series unfinished – I’m generally poor and finishing series, its a big commitment. But then if I do go back to finish, lots of time has passed and I have no idea what’s going on any more!

Hit my Goodreads goal – My goal is set at 75 books and I’m on 65, so I don’t think I will have any trouble with this thankfully.

Reduce my TBR – HA HA HA HA…. this is not happening. But I’d still like to, and that counts right?

Well, that was tougher than expected!! I hope this was at least mildly entertaining and some of you lovely bookworms want to take part too.



8 thoughts on “3 Bookish Things Tag

  1. Beth says:

    Ooh this looks fun I think I’ll do this! So glad you said you don’t like bookish candles, thought I was the only one! I get them in FairyLoot and I’m just like I don’t want this… I have six I’ve never used 😅 also I can’t believe you use your purse or another book as a bookmark 😂😂


  2. Matilda's Library says:

    Thank you so much for linking back to my post, you really didn’t have to do that! 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to get round to reading the Paper Princess and Selection series’ myself. I’ve heard such amazing things about them and I’ll all for so called ‘guilty pleasure’ reads.

    As for the Lauren James covers. Oh my god. They are absolutely stunning. Have you read any of the novels?


    • bookloverkate says:

      Of course, it’s the least I can do for such a lovely person! 🙂

      I’m basically living for guilty pleasure reads recently! They definitely fall in that category but still were great.

      I have read The Loneliest Girl in the Universe and I have a review up – spoiler, I loved it! It’s a small book so would be a quick read too!


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