Christmas Wishlist (Bookmas #7)

We are over half way into Bookmas but there is still time to put some ideas into the world for books I would like to receive for Christmas. I have had an extensive Amazon wishlist dedicated to books this year, however there are definitely some that are at the top of the list so lets discuss them now. 

I first heard about First we were IV on BookandLaLa’s Youtube channel when she raved about it! I really trust her reviews especially for thrillers and mystery books.

Obviously, with this genre I think it is best to go in not knowing a lot so I’m not going to go into the plot. If I am being really honest too I have just forgotten a lot of it, it’s just a trusted recommendation now.

I wasn’t slightly even interested in Outlander, until someone described it to me as being a fantastic romance and I was sold. I do enjoy romance but I’d like it to have a bit of a twist and since this is historical fiction with a time travel twist I think it will be unique!

I also think it would be fun to read this and then compare it to the show. I only wish the covers were more aesthetically pleasing! I’ve picked the best one I could find for this post, however in my local bookshops, the cover is awful and looks so cheap!

I would also like to receive A Gathering of Shadows and A Conjuring of Light; books two and three in the Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy. I already own A Darker Shade of Magic and also have a Gathering of Shadows on my Kindle, but I want the whole set for my shelves! I can’t have only the first book, or just the first and last book! I have bumped these up my wish list after chatting with Beth and hearing how much she loved them so I have high hopes. 

We all know I love a book that makes me feel, and that can be good or bad feelings, I just want something to tug on my heartstrings. To fill this quota I’d like to receive Almost Love. This is a story of a young girl who is obsessively in love with an older man who is seeing her in secret and how her life starts to fall apart as a result.  

This is one I’d get for myself, however, the paperback isn’t being released until March 2019. I would get the hardback but the cost of hardbacks is so high considering I much prefer a paperback. But I obviously would love to receive this as a gift since I wouldn’t shell out on it myself!

Since the end of 2016 I have had The Last Time We Say Goodbye on my wish list. This is yet another book in that heart wrenching category as it follows a girl whos brother has commited suicide. I don’t really have a good reason for why I haven’t brought it yet, therefore if someone could get it for me for Christmas and take it off my wish list, that’d be great, thanks.

There we have it, my bookish Christmas wish list! Thankfully it is quite short and somehow there aren’t loads of books I am desperate for at the moment… Which is probably a good thing for my bank balance! Let me know in the comments what books you’d like to receive for Christmas!

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