A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood – Spoiler Free Review (Bookmas #8)

In September the YA book club I attend picked A Sky Painted Gold as the read for the month. Personally, I didn’t think it would be for me. However, going in with low expectations probably helped in the end as I ended up surprised by how much I enjoyed it.



Growing up in her sleepy Cornish village dreaming of being a writer, sixteen-year-old Lou has always wondered about the grand Cardew house which has stood empty for years. And when the owners arrive for the summer – a handsome, dashing brother and sister – Lou is quite swept off her feet and into a world of moonlit cocktail parties and glamour beyond her wildest dreams.

But, as she grows closer to the Cardews, is she abandoning her own ambitions… And is there something darker lurking at the heart of the Cardew family?

A gorgeously dreamy coming-of-age romance set against a stunning Gatsby-esque backdrop, this is perfect for fans of I Capture the Castle and Eva Ibbotson.


I am not typically a read of historical fiction. I think on the right day though I could be swayed by some that is set around big important events but this was not that, hence my scepticism. In the end though, this didn’t feel like historical fiction at all. Obviously, it gave Great Gatsby vibes and there was some discussion of homophobia and race that gave away the time period, but it was all really interesting to read.

The absolute highlight of the book for me was Lou’s attitude. She wanted to be part of these interesting peoples lives but it wasn’t really about the money, she remained her sassy self through out.

I loved the easy banter between Lou and Robert, like I said I loved Lou’s attitude and Robert played really well of it. But it wasn’t just their interaction, there was also a focus on female friendships as Lou was close with Robert’s sister; Caitlin.

Lou had wonderful relationships with her own family also. Her mother was laid back but still always there for her and supportive, even in that day and age. Another focus of the book was on sisterhood and how a relationship like that can change as you mature and establish your own life outside of the family home. I also enjoyed the brief discussion of accepting how something can be right for someone else but not for you.

A Sky Painted Gold has a lot to offer and something to fit every reader. This would be a beautiful book for someone to unwrap on Christmas too!

4/5 ♥♥♥♥

So what do you think? Have I persuaded you to pick this up?


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