Series I Haven’t Finished (Bookmas #10)

One of my goals this year was to finish more series and while I feel I have done better, nobody is perfect. There is still a number of series I still have to complete and a few I need to reread the first book of before continuing on! 

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

I am currently on Empire of Storms, book 5 and look, there is just a lot going on in these and I am just getting too confused. I do think I have made an effort with it and I am hoping to keep working on them, but it is just disheartening to not know quite what is going on. I was listening to the audiobooks but I kept zoning out and so I should read the paperbacks but that is even more time I need to dedicate to them.

Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi

I recently read the first book on Kindle and I flew through it! It was super interesting and engaging and I did want to continue on straight away but SHOCK, that didn’t happen. I just want to understand the Warner hype because so far, I don’t see it??

Harry Potter by J K Rowling

I am only two books into the series but obviously everyone says this is the perfect series to read over the Christmas period and I now have two weeks off. Therefore, I am hoping to dedicate some time now to get in on the hype since I didn’t grow up reading the books. Over here in the UK the films are always on at this time of year and I’d like to read as many as I can before seeing the films again. 

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardougo 

This is one of the series that fits the category of ‘I read the first book but I have no idea what happened now’. Straight away I tried to read the second book; Siege and Storm but boy was I bored!! I really gave no shits about what was happening. I think that I will really have to be in the right mood for these or they may be a DNF. 

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Again, I have only read the first book in this series but boy do I hope I like them as I have every book in the series, and the next two Shadowhunters series… I have fully brought into the hype. I feel like they are a staple and I really want to give them all a try. But I will have to reread City of Bones before continuing on as I only remember basic plot points and I need to brush up on the world details.

So, I thought I did well with series this year, but five unfinished isn’t so great in my eyes. At least one I’m not that interested in and one I need a while lot of time to read so that makes it a bit more understandable! 

What series do you need to finish and what series should I prioritise?

2 thoughts on “Series I Haven’t Finished (Bookmas #10)

    • bookloverkate says:

      I feel I have to carry on because it can only get better as he grows up! Plus everyone loves it, I have to give a full try! ☺️


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