BOOK REVIEW: Something to Live For by Richard Roper

Publication date: 27th June 2019

Publishers: Orion Books

Pages: 352

Genre: Contemporary

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Death, suicide, PTSD, alcoholism, drug abuse, death of a parent.

Firstly, thank you to Orion for my copy which I won in a Twitter give away! Lucky me!

Spoiler Free Review

Something to Live For follows Andrew who works for the council. His specific job role is pretty morbid as he has to inspect the homes of people who have died alone. This is in order to try and find next of kin, or if the deceased has any way of paying for their funeral. He also has told quite the porker of a lie about his personal life that he doesn’t know how to get out of.

At the center of the book is this lie that Andrew has told and while you may not have done the same in his shoes, you can definitely understand his motive and empathise with him. As the story unravels you can see how Andrew felt it was easier to pretend and why he wanted to escape. The book is written so well that you can put yourself in Andrews shoes and feel the pain and stress he is experiencing, I ended up really feeling for him.

I also found reading about Andrew’s job so morbidly interesting. The more disgusting and obscure the persons house and the manner they died, the more I was hooked. I would actually love to job shadow someone in his role or read a whole non fiction book about it!

Of course, the book is mainly about Andrew’s journey and his emotional development. Generally, I am not a fan of character based books as I enjoy some drama, but Something to Live For is the exception. Andrew was so intriguing and he clearly has had a troubled past that is a slight mystery, and this kept me reading to find out more about it.

Overall, it is a story of overcoming tough times and finding yourself and despite the dark themes, I really enjoyed reading Something to Live For. I will definitely be recommending it.

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