This year I went to YALC for the full three days for the first time. I went only for the Saturday last year so I was excited to have the full experience. There were some fantastic deals and the majority of proofs were done via raffle which was a great and fair way to do it. So lets get into everything that I picked up at YALC…


Gifted/Won: Are You Watching?, The Sky is Mine, What She Found in the Woods, Infinity Son, Furious Son, Girl Gone Viral


10 books and technically I only paid for 3 of them! Above you can see a list of which specific books were gifted or won, but I am going to break it down a little now anyway.

Lets start with Infinity Son! My wonderful friend Matilda and her boyfriend John (both of Reel Bazaar) are the only reason I got my hands on this one. They got two and were kind enough to let me have one! I am so greatful to have found such a kind friend through blogging, we got to meet finally and I am so pleased she turned out to be an actual angel.

I brought Undead Girl Gang from the Melia stand as I’ve heard such good things about it, (especially from Matilda) and I was able to pick a proof to go with it and I grabbed Girl Gone Viral. My friend brought me a book too as I had brought us McDonalds breakfast, she got me Birthday as it was 2 for £10 and it got us a raffle ticket for Places I’ve Cried in Public with purchase as well… Sadly didn’t win that one!

The rest were raffles I won and one was a lucky dip that FLEW out of the box. I grabbed one and showed my friend, she asked me to grab her one and by the time I turned around, the box was empty! That book was Furious Thing.



Gifted/Won: The Beautiful, The Beholder, We Speak in Storms, Jackpot, Frankly in Love, Scars Like Wings, The Loop


To get my grubby little hands on the highly anticipated The Beautiful, I had to buy Half-Blood and Caraval. I feel like the only bookish person who hasn’t read Caraval yet so I am really hoping I enjoy this one.

I was also lucky enough to get to the Fairyloot stand quickly, answer a question and be given a signed copy of The Beholder. It isn’t something I would have picked up without the nudge, but it sounds really interesting.

Again, I went back to Melia and I brought Reign of the Fallen and the free proof I grabbed was We Speak in Storms. This is the first proof I need to read as it is the one that will be released first and I am really excited for it. It is about a town that was hit by a tornado in the 60’s and on the 50th anniversary, another tornado hits the town. It sounds heartbreaking and I cannot wait to be broken by it.



Gifted/Won: Girls of Storm and Shadow, The Wrong Side of Right, How to Build a Heart, Full Disclosure, Good Luck Girls


The first thing I did on the final day was… Head to Melia! I brought The Merciless and grabbed How to Build a Heart as the cover caught my eye and when I read the blurb, I was convinced. Later, my friend brought a book from the stand and they only had a small selection of proofs, none she was interested in so she told me to pick one, I picked The Wrong Side of Right, half because the protagonist is also called Kate! Also because it sounds like political romance and even though it isn’t LGBT+, after reading and enjoying Red White and Royal Blue, I hope to enjoy it.

In the afternoon, Harper 360 did a lucky dip for £2. The books were wrapped and just had the genre written on the paper, I picked a contemporary and my friend picked fantasy. My book ended up being The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins and it was a bit fantastical for me. My friends fantasy book was The Body Market, which is the second in a series and of course that irritated her and she wasn’t too keen on the blurb so we did a trade and now I have The Body Market.

At the very end of the day, Hashtag Reads reduced their books to £2 each or 3 for £5 and so I grabbed the two Jenn Bennett books. They are books I want to read at some point, but aren’t the very top of my TBR so it was great to get a deal and pop them away for another time.

Finally, after trying each day, I managed to get into the queue for Hodderscape and I brought Emily Eternal which is blurbed by Blake Crouch who wrote Dark Matter (which I loved!) to get a proof of Girls of Storm and Shadow. I’m super excited to get to both of them!



I feel incredibly lucky to have won so many raffles and to have some very exciting proofs. Melia’s stand was the highlight for me, especially as the books they had would have been expensive to buy elsewhere as many were American. I love a floppy paperback and they really delivered. I also enjoyed the system of being able to pick a proof that you want to go with your purchase.

I am pleased I didn’t spend toooo much money. I took £60 in cash as a limit and I only surpassed that by £1! As I have never been for three days before, I thought it might not have been enough but I am glad it was just right.

The only problem now is deciding which to read first?! I have ordered all the ARCs in order of release so that I can try and structure my reading slightly.

Which of these books are you looking forward to? What review are you looking out for?

6 thoughts on “YALC 2019 HAUL

  1. reelbazaar says:

    ‘Tis I, the elusive angel 😇 😂

    Okay, see if I stayed for three days we’d have had so many more books in common. I’m so jealous that you got Birthday, Reign Of The Fallen, the Jenn Bennett books and The Wrong Side of Right! They’ve all been on my mental TBR for the longest time 🙈

    Was so nice to finally meet you too and I’m so glad you finally picked up Undead Girl Gang in all its floppy paged glory 😂

    Also how did you spend so little when I was there for one day and spent £80 🙈 Shame on me! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • bookloverkate says:


      I know right?! You have to do three days next year with me! I got Birthday on day one too, you should have grabbed it! I hear so many good things. I hadn’t even heard of The Wrong Side of Right before, so thats exciting, you should get a copy and buddy read with me 😛

      It seems like the perfect book, lets hope I love it as much as you did!

      I was very controlled and I believed in the raffle Gods and they repayed me well hahah! 😂 I really thought I’d spend more so I’m shocked too!


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