BOOK REVIEW: A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan

Publication date: 31st October 2019

Publishers: HQ

Pages: 400

Genre: Contemporary

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Waterstones

Rosie announces that she is getting married. To a guy she’s known two months, in less than a month, and it’s all the way in Aspen… She doesn’t think she has any doubts but then she tells her sister, Katie, who is going through a tough period in her life. She just wants to protect her sister, but does she really know best?

The girls mother, Maggie, is dealing with her concern for her daughter as well as problems with her own marriage and when they all converge in Aspen for the wedding, it’ll be a Christmas they won’t forget.


Following all three women was the highlight of the book for me. I really enjoyed unraveling all their relationships, especially as they were all so different. The trio were well developed and had their own strengths and weaknesses. I think their actions were all understandable and there is something in all of them for people to relate to.

I felt the overarching theme of the book was one of protectiveness. Everyone wanted to protect and care for each other which was adorable. They all thought they knew what was best and that they were doing the right thing, which of course results in secrets and hurt. But overall it made reading about the characters barriers breaking down all the sweeter.

Another theme weaved into the book is one of starting over. A couple of characters struggled with big changes that they wanted to make and so there was a lot of discussion about how daunting that can be. The thought of “throwing away” something and restarting is so scary, but it can really be worth it to make you happy.

The different types of love were so interesting too. We have brand new love, love a few months old and a couple rekindling their love. All types were equally entertaining the read about and obviously it provides something for most kinds of readers.

This was my first Sarah Morgan book and it was big hit so I can’t wait to pick up another. It was a lovely festive read without being too centered around Christmas, perfect for the season.

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