2019 Reading Wrap Up

I used a google docs/excel sheet by Kaleena @ Reader Voracious to keep track of my reading in 2019 and she has also created a 2020 spreadsheet that you can find on her blog. Be sure to check her out if you are looking for something to track your 2020 reading.

I ended up reading 101 books which is only 3 less than I read in 2018 and so I am really pleased with that. I think this is the amount I can generally read without being too stressed out and so it’s my goal for 2020 also. I’ll be living alone in my first house for 90% of the year so hopefully I will easily manage it.

I didn’t need a spreadsheet, pie graph or bar chart to tell me that contemporary was my most read genre. It is the genre that I fly through and that I enjoy the most. So many different themes are explored so I am sure there is a contemporary book for everyone.

But lets break those 101 books down a little…


In 2019 I hoped to clear my back list slightly, or at least reduce my physical TBR. Clearly, I did not do the best job of it, but I did read 46 back list titles which is about half so it could have been worse.

That means 54 titles were 2019 releases and 25 of these were ARCs, gifted to me by the publishers or authors or via netgalley. So I think I can then pretend I didn’t spend toooooo much on new books right…?

There was a point where I thought I would never hit my Goodreads goal of 100 books, but at the end of the year, I managed to get back on track. Turns out November was the month where I read the most books. I think January was a lower month as I started the year in a false sense of security having just smashed my challenge the year before, I’m hoping not to do that this year.

Historically, I always think of myself as reading more in the summer months as I love sitting out in the sun with a book and a cold drink, but clearly I slumped a little. That’s fine though, I am just happy to have finally hit my goal!

I think this graphic really sums up my reading year. I didn’t love or hate many books and most were kind of middle of the road and my average rating of 3.5 is also reflective of that.

I am at least pleased with the amount of four stars, I think I learnt more about what I like in books and tried to stick to that. Hopefully in 2020 I refine that further and therefore up the amount of 5 star reads I have, wish me luck!

I don’t have much to say on the length of the books I read, neither the longest of the shortest left much of a lasting impression on it. Apart from the fact I didn’t really like Outlander… I will say that I am a bit shocked my average length of book was 334 pages, I thought most books I read were 300+ pages so I’m not sure what dragged it down.

How was your reading in 2019? Did you reach your Goodreads goal?

2 thoughts on “2019 Reading Wrap Up

  1. Beth says:

    Snap we both read 101 books! Also don’t be so harsh on yourself, that’s an incredible amount of books to read in a year with a full time job. You smashed it πŸ’ͺ Also 11 books in June is impressive, especially with the heatwave we had!


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