BLOG TOUR: The Other You by J.S. Monroe

Publication Date: 9th January 2020

Publishers: House of Zeus

Pages: 496

Genre: Thriller

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Waterstones


Kate used to be good at recognising people. So good in fact she worked for the police, identifying criminals in crowds of thousands.

But six months ago she got into a car accident that led to brain injury. Now she can barely recognise herself in the mirror. At least she has Rob, who she met just after the accident and he nursed her back to health.

Until, one day Kate looks at Rob and is certain he is an impostor. Have her skills come back or is it just her damaged brain?


Throughout the book, Kate is obviously very vulnerable as she can’t recognise people in the same way, she can’t really trust anyone. Then you add in Rob appearing suddenly when she’s unable to recall faces and him working for a tech company and trying out new gadgets all the time, it definitely made him a suspect character. It added to that level of suspense that was constantly there.

We get sections told by others to add to the meat of the story which was great as the plot and unease builds more slowly and subtly. The connections in the plot to technology were really intriguing and it gets you thinking about artificial intelligence and how facial recognition software is in the rise, and how there are already cameras everywhere.

As it was a slow build, I don’t want to give too much away, but I really found it odd when in chapter one or two Rob gives a speech about how his biggest fear is his doppelganger stealing his life and his soul. But it did great at leaving Kate with a concern playing on her mind.

There are so many great reviews to read on the tour, be sure you check some out.

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