BOOK REVIEW: She by HC Warner

Publication Date: 1st January 2020 (ebook) & 23rd January 2020 (paperback)

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publishers: HQ

Pages: 368

A huge thank you to HQ for my copy in exchange for an honest review.


Lets start off with thanking HQ for sending me this wonderful and unique proof package! I’m not sure if the final copy will be the same, but with the poof, you read from Ben’s POV and then almost half way through you flip it upside down and read from Bella. I haven’t seen a book like that in ages and it was a fun addition.

Bella walks into Ben’s life right after a heartbreak and he can’t believe his luck. Bella is beautiful and intelligent, and all she wants is Ben.

I was engaged from the very start of the book, I just could not put it down and I needed to know what happened next which is perfect in a thriller. If I am being honest, I spent the entirety of the book just wishing I could slap Bella’s smarmy little face off. I love a well done unlikable character and it really was a testament to the authors talent that she evoked such strong emotions in a reader. It propelled my reading as I wanted to see if she got what was coming to her.

On the one hand I found myself so frustrated with Ben as he seemed so placid. I was screaming at him to see what Bella was doing and up to her but he is a victim of abuse and the actions were entirely understandable and believable. I found it really important and interesting to see that dynamic as I think we don’t see many man as victims of abuse in literature. While it is not a pleasant thing to read about, it is something that happens and needs to be represented.

The one thing I really wanted to know about this book (and that I never found out) is WHERE in Suffolk to Ben’s parents live?! I live in Suffolk (for now…) and I always love having that kind of connection in a book. If a specific location had been mentioned it would have been lovely to imagine the area and how comfortable this parents are as they are portrayed as well off.

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One thought on “BOOK REVIEW: She by HC Warner

  1. judiththereader says:

    I loved reading She. I also thought the dynamic between Ben and Bella was interesting, although Ben’s character was a little on the placid side, it’s true. I’m not on the blog tour, but I will be posting my own review later this month!


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