ABC Book Challenge – Letter V

These posts are just going to get tougher and tougher at the end of the alphabet, but here we are again for another weekly installment of the ABC book challenge. I am thinking of giving X and Z a miss because there is just nothing I can post for them. Therefore I would only have two more weeks of these. I have no idea what I will do on Fridays after that, but for now, here we go…


Vicious is the very first book that came to mind here of course. It was my first V.E Schwab book and I really enjoyed it despite it essentially being a character driven book which is not normally my cup of tea. I also posted a full review here. I also have read Verity by my most read author, Colleen Hoover. I highly anticipated this book and based on pure enjoyment, it was amazing. She tried something new and it really worked for me, again, I posted a full review.


In pairing with Vicious, we have Vengeful! I am hoping to get to this soon since I enjoyed the first book so much and I want to read much more V.E Schwab. I have owned Vinegar Girl for far too long, it was a super anticipated book but again, like always, I never got to it. It is a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew and I think it would be really interesting to read!


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